Rules &
Case Materials

Each year, the Committee reviews the rules governing the competition and the rules of evidence for use in the competition and makes adjustments to those rules. This year, the rules have been revised to incorporate changes to the rules of the competition at the national level, to update the Rules of Evidence based on the current Federal Rules of Civil Procedure (and consistent with changes to the Rules of Evidence at the national level), to incorporate learnings from the virtual competition last year.

Updated October 2022

Updated October 2022

Updated November 4, 2022

The following document is a redline of the Mock Trial Rules of Competition (no changes were made to the Rules of Evidence this year):

For those coaches who wish to use prior case materials for practice with their teams, you can download prior case materials below:

For those of you who are new to the competition, or for those of you who have students who are new to the competition, we are providing the video recordings from 2021's virtual competition. You may access the videos by clicking here.